Kurashiki Tour Guide Volunteers: Kurashiki Welcome Tour Guides (KWG)

TEL/FAX: 086-436-7734 from overseas +81-86-436-7734
We Want to Help You Make Good Memories of Kurashiki

We will guide you.

Kurashiki Welcome Tour Guides (KWG)

We are volunteer tour guides in Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area, since 1990.

We consist of 40 members, who want to give you a great encounter with Kurashiki.

Contact us! We could help you make good memories in Kurashiki.

We started guided tours in English in April 2018. All guides are volunteers.

About Kurashiki Welcome Tour Guides (KWG)

★Blue hat, blue shirt or jacket are the symbols of us, KWG
We would help visitors to Kurashiki Bikan Historical area make good memories guiding them to experience its "Nature", "Climate", "History" and "Culture".
"We do our best for visitors, without expecting anything in return"
March 14th 1990 by 14 voluntary persons
about 40 volunteers
Total Numbers Guided
365,000 visitors as of the end of 2019
On several days around and including New Year's Day
Activity hours
9:00 am - 12:00 am / 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Regular Course: one hour and a half.
  • Reservation: tour time, starting time, and visiting spot depending on request. Charged ¥100 per TOURIST. In case of reservation from a travel agency, ¥2,000 per GUIDE.
  • Encounter: We are available to help visitors who look lost or in trouble.
  • Guiding Activity in English: Newly started in April 2018.
c/o Kurashiki City Tourist Rest Area
2-6-1, Chuo, Kurashiki-city, Okayama, 710-0046, JAPAN
086-436-7734 from overseas +81-86-436-7734 in Japanese