Kurashiki Tour Guide Volunteers: Kurashiki Welcome Tour Guides (KWG)

TEL/FAX: 086-436-7734 from overseas +81-86-436-7734 E-MAIL:kwgh2314@abelia.ocn.ne.jp
We Want to Help You Make Good Memories of Kurashiki

We will guide you.

Kurashiki Welcome Tour Guides (KWG)

We are volunteer tour guides in Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area, since 1990.

We consist of 40 members, who want to give you a great encounter with Kurashiki.

Contact us! We could help you make good memories in Kurashiki.

We started guided tours in English in April 2018. All guides are volunteers.

About Guided English Tours

  • We offer guided tours in Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area, in English.
  • We have three types in guided tour in English.
  •  1) Regular Service : 1:30 pm start. No reservation.Free of charge.From Kurashikikan, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
     2) Reservation : Reservation is required previously. ¥100 per TOURIST.
      In case of reservation from a travel agency, ¥2,000 per GUIDE.
     3) Encounter : we are available to help visitors who look lost or in trouble
  • Regular course usually takes one hour and a half. 2 km on foot.
  • The course can be adjusted according to the preference of the visitor(s) and guide(s).
  • Other courses are available upon your request.
  • We will be out of service in case of stormy weather and on several days around and including New Year's Day.
  • Our flier can be downloaded here.

How to Reserve an English Speaking Guide

  • Download reservation form here.
  • Fill the form and fax it to us.
  • You will get a reply in a couple of days by fax or other methods.
  • We can be contacted directly by phone from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon on weekdays, in Japanese.
  • Emails written in English are fine but we are sorry sometimes it might take time for us to reply. E-MAIL:kwgh2314@abelia.ocn.ne.jp
  • Please write down these items listed below
    in the body of your E-mail for your reservation.
    Items marked with ◎ are required.
    ◎date and time for your tour:
    year/month/day / day of week starting & finishing time
    〇name of company and the person in charge.
    phone No.
    ◎name of representative of the party,
    home country, phone No.
    ◎number of tourist(s) of the party
    ◎number of guide(s) you need
    (principally less than 20 tourists a guide)
    ◎meeting point (tour bus parking or Kurashiki-kan are usual but front desk of Ivy Square, Kurashiki Monogatari-kan, Ohara Museum of Art and others are available.
    But Kurashiki station is out of our range)
    〇additional information

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